Tuesday, 26 May 2020

As June Approaches

We are so nearly ready. And there's still time to join!

We have around half the beds ready, we have the polytunnel up  as you know, we have trays and trays of plants waiting for planting. We've located a wholesaler (all organic obviously) to support our own growing while we draw and redraw the planting plan. Now we would just like some rain.

We are still accepting members - in fact we may expand our numbers of pilot members, or we might accept some additional standard members. The reason for this is that in such challenging times, it seems wrong to turn away anyone wanting to become involved in local food and  regenerative agriculture.

We've been on the land as a family for twenty years, and first ran a box scheme which tried to morph into a CSA 15 years ago. It was probably a bit ahead of its time.  Two little girls grew up pinching peas off the vine while we were picking. They're now grown up, and in these trying circumstances, they are the sum total of our extra labour. Some serious hard work got done this last weekend.

If you're interested check out this post and contact us by email at  or over on our facebook page here.

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