Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Small is Successful

Very nearly four years ago (can it be so very long, long ago?) when I did my PDC with the legend that is Patrick Whitefield we discussed the viability of small projects, holdings of limited size - by today's standards possibly even micro  holdings - run on sustainable principles.

The big question was - could it be made to pay?

Well, the answer was found in a document Patrick shared with us then and which has provided much inspiration since.

The Ecological Land Co-operative commissioned the report, but for unknown reasons, you can't download it there now. However I have found a download here.

I'm re reading it now, as we prepare - as soon as midwinter passes - to rebuild the market garden and welcome local people.  School students, as well as volunteers and CSA Members will be part of something small, successful and above all local.

You can see short videos of others survivors and thrivers on the land, at LivingInTheFuture.

If you're inspired by the ideas you find, contact us and consider joining the CSA, coming along to volunteer, and taking part in the transformation at Chestnuts.


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