Monday, 17 November 2014

Where there's a will ...

Today, I made cheese. Milk is in short supply right now, so fresh cheese is a luxury, but it came out well. I have a picture, but for some reason best known to WordPress, it's some  kind of security threat.


Hand in hand with cheese making at this time of year, goes kim chi making.

Kim Chi is a lacto fermented sauer kraut, with ginger, chillis and garlic - it takes no prisoners!  - and is essential to health in the season of winter colds and bugs. I made two pint jars from half a good size cabbage, and to my immense delight, the chilli flakes were home grown and dried!

So this is all the good kind of stuff I'd like to be sharing and teaching in the CSA.

Come next summer, we could be cheese and kim chi making together!

Oh and WordPress is not liking my Kim Chi photo, either, but that I can understand. It's powerful stuff ;)


  1. Does your kimchi contain fish sauce Jackie? I'm yet to find a nice recipe without, so if it doesn't I'd love some clues as to your seasoning combination.

  2. it does not :) It's from Nourishing Traditions and has only (off the top of my head) the cabbage, onion (should be spring onions) garlic, chilli flakes, ginger (and should also have carrots and daikon radish, but I didn't have those!) and then salt and whey involved.
    The last lot I made kind of blew your head off, but was delicious while it was about it. No fish sauce :)