Friday, 28 November 2014

In the Winter...

It can be both a slightly depressing and amazingly uplifting time for those living on and with the land, this season.

The key is learning to let go, I think. The depressing part is being able to do so little. It's neither seed time nor harvest.  The uplifting part is enjoying the fruits of your earlier labours. I'm loving the non buying of tinned tomatoes. I canned so many this year I am happily adding my home grown tomatoes to sauces as at well.

It's a time to be by the fire, creating. I'm sewing Christmas gifts and crocheting decorations. You won't find us doing Black Friday. It's Friday, and any time after about 4pm,  it'll be black, I guess.

Be with the season. Hibernate a little. Only expect winter to be winter. Now is the time for bowls of soup, snuggling in blankets, dozing by the fire. Soon enough it will be spring.



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