Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Another CSA for you to look at.

[caption id="attachment_731" align="aligncenter" width="640"]category_csa Click on this lovely picture to find out about a huge CSA in Georgia/Alberta, USA[/caption]

Friday, 10 October 2014

CSAs in Action

In case you're wondering how CSAs work - well there are a variety of ways. No two are exactly the same. Some are producer run, some are member run. Some aim to provide a week's veg to each member, some only a token amount.

Let's take a look at a couple.

First up, Stroud CSA. We visited Stroud when we were first doing research. They were really helpful and inspiring. There are some major differences here - they're producer led, and very established. They're Biodynamic - and while we do aim to certify Organic when we can afford it, I'm not sure we will be going down the BD route. Also, they're established! But take a look, because they show what can be done.

In America, CSA has really taken off, and Local Harvest offer useful information and tips about joining. Remember, they're in their infancy in the UK, so there are nowhere near so many options on offer.

I've followed The Crossing on facebook for ages - their weekly cost is very low. I'm not sure what that you get that for that, but I'm investigating!

I've picked one at random from Local Harvest - Little Red Hen - but feel free to have a browse around.

Our version isn't yet set in stone. As a producer led CSA, we are just waiting on members coming on board to offer ideas and improvements.

I'm hoping the first ten members this year will gel into a core group. Then we'll really be on our way.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Sign Up for 2015!

Community Supported Agriculture

Help us to grow healthy, natural food in your community – Invest in the Farm – Share in the Harvest.

Chestnuts CSA Vegetable Box Scheme will run for an approximately 28 week season from June – December 2015

Signing up for a share commits you for the season. Full season price - £280

However, we can’t all afford that, so we will take monthly payments by standing order of £40

(but please remember you are committed for the season)


£25 deposit from October 2014 secures your place. Refundable from your first monthly payment.

Pick up will be from the farm, or a designated pick up point in Calne or Devizes if required. Deliveries can be arranged at extra cost.

Also available *Egg Shares  *Lamb Shares

Potentially available 2015 *Cut Flowers *Yarn Shares *Pig Shares

If you’re not sure what a CSA is all about, look here

Each shareholder is required to work 2 x 2-hour work sessions at some point in the season. Work sessions will be on Tuesday afternoons, and most Saturday mornings.

Work sessions will be open to all members - if you would like to work more than 2, feel free to join us for a shared lunch and a chat, and a few hours work.