Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Veg Box Calculations

So I fished around and found this photo of our first veg box, taken in 2006. My how the time has flown, and what trials and tribulations we've been through to get back here!


The exciting news is, we are on the land, it's cleared and good to go, and we are now advertising shares available for next season. In the next day or two we will work out the maths, and explain how it all works, but we know shares will be limited, and we know we will be booking from now, to commence next spring, and if there are any goodies on offer in the interim they will be made available to those with booked shares.

Looking back despite the slightly holey spinach and the random collection of tomatoes, we did not badly for a first box then, and we'll do a lot better this time with nearly a decade more experience under our belts!

Off to get to work on the land for me today !  Can't wait to get stuck into preparing it.  I'll be back with pricing information as soon as we've worked out the fine detail.




  1. What fantastic news... if I was nearer I would certainly be a customer!