Thursday, 4 September 2014

Farm News Friday - Savory Bites

Well there's been on onrush recently of opinion which opposes all livestock farming, and frustratingly usually condemns all farmers with one sweeping stroke.

Often the claims of those who uphold that meat production is destroying the planet are woefully under researched, and either willfully or ignorantly quote statistics from 'feed lots' as a reason to stop producing Welsh Lamb.

Here in the UK most of our meat is grass reared, and we don't really have the feed lot system.

George Monbiot recently offered the same dish served cold in The Guardian, by way of 'interviewing' Allan Savory.

It was really interesting to watch the fall out from this hatchet job from the inside, within the confines of a Regrarian group online. Shocked participants reeled as they took giant steps back from Monbiot,  whom they had previously admired. A few of us who were singularly unimpressed to start off with tried not to mutter, 'I told you so'.

I won't attempt to describe what a shabby little effort it really was, since the Savory Institute has done so far better than I ever would, with dignity and integrity.  Nice to know someone still has that.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250"] Picture of a man telling the truth. You might want to cut out and keep. Rarity value accumulating.[/caption]


You can read the Savory Institutes measured rebuttal here.




  1. Wow - had no idea that was going on there!!! It's amazing: the ignorance, (or evil?) of some. What is the motive behind that kind of false reporting? Or, are they really just stupid? :-)