Monday, 8 September 2014

Aida and Minnie are still for sale

I'm very sad that they are. I would like to keep all my goats.

Trouble is, we have to work hard on staying on plan this year, and the goat dairy is not a this year thing.

Aida is coming 4 and Minnie her daughter is coming 2, Aida has just had the one kid - Minnie - and Minnie is ready to go to the billy now.  Aida is a purebred British Toggenburg, though unregistered, Minnie is BT x Saanen.

aida and minnieGoats and Cameras. Either they're close enough to eat the darn thing, or they're walking away.


Anyway, they weren't cheap to raise and we won't be giving them away, but a really good home is pretty important to us, so get in touch if you have an offer to make.



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