Monday, 28 July 2014

Taking care of the pennies

The week of being the face of farming on Twitter has ended, and it was fun, if a little nerve wracking.

The many amazing things I hoped to do and show in the week were somewhat stalled by the baling and subsequent endless carting of the hay, which in itself at least gave us something to tweet about.

Needing something to fill the gap and with lots of new ideas about to be put into practice, I've decided to join the Yakezie Alexa challenge, to see if I can grow the blog, and win more support for our ideas.

School holidays now so I'm two fab part time farmers up on the work rota, and we're concentrating on the csa veg garden and our new ideas for outdoor  learning.

To live our dream is a real step outside the norm - and the budget is key. We have to be creative at every turn to stay out of debt,  and build financial security for our one day farm, so as we take up new ideas, I'm going to have to accept that challenge.

penny pinching

I always value comments - please stop and say hello if you are doing something similar, so that we can pop over and look at your work too!


  1. I have a fantasy about owning a farm - I am sure that reality would be different than the dream - but doesn't stop me from thinking about. Spotted a 50 acre farm for sale near by and we started to plan - the way that a person makes plan about what they would do if they won the lottery.
    Looking forward to your stories and good luck with the challenge.

  2. Keep working that dream, Jackie. You can do it! Looking forward to reading more.