Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Learning from a chicken

As we think about teaching and learning, and as I battle heroically with the seething mass of paper that is my Permaculture Diploma work, I am thinking, what can we learn from chickens?

I can come up with quite a lot of important information I can teach about chickens.

We can learn how they eat, how they breed, how they act naturally. All kinds of scientific things can be learned about them.

We can learn about their history, and their part in our history.

We can learn about environmental considerations to be born in mind when we buy eggs, or eat chicken.

However, today, what I can learn from chickens - is the same as I once famously claimed to have learned from Andy Murray. Maybe I forgot. Maybe the FreshStart girls came to remind me.

The last point is behind you. There is nothing you can do about it. Only the next point matters. Make it count.

Our lovely, sweet, ex-caged hens are the tamest, most friendly, cuddliest hens we've ever known.

'Why on earth would that be?' asks Sasha.

After all, they've had the rottenest lives of all of them, been quite roughly handled, and narrowly escaped mass extermination.

It doesn't matter. Today, the sun is shining, and they are pecking around in the nettles. They are happy and thankful, and gearing up to laying their finest egg ever. That's what they do.

That's what I've learned from chickens. If you think you'd like to learn about chickens, that's another matter. Watch this space.



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