Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Blaze of Glory

Term is ending, sun is shining - it really feels like a proper summer. It's too hot to do much in the middle of the day and I'm retreating indoors to sort indoor stuff then, and venturing out again later.

The hay is cut, but will likely not be baled until Thursday morning, and we're forecast some rain on Thursday evening. Last year for the first time ever (and last by the sound of it) we collected hay leisurely,  over two days, with no threatening rain clouds chasing us.

This year it could definitely be back to late night, moonlight, hay hauling.

The middle field that I tidied up with the scythe is all over thistles and nettles again. It really needs close grazing and keeping on top of. The garden is also baked and nettle covered once again. We sometimes appear to be fighting a losing battle - but we will get there.

Next week the older breeding ewes will go off to a rare breed sale - and then the young ewes will come into the flock, and off we will go again.

I'm enjoying tweeting as @FarmersOfTheUK, although it's a bit compulsive.

I've been trying to introduce some permaculture principles into the tweets. It's struck me as I write that I am standing with a foot in each camp, and I can see so much of what farming and permaculture could do for each other, how much they have in common.

Yet I'm feeling like I am bridging a yawning gap and neither side thinks the other is good for much.

I'm working through Holmgren's principles, so I guess I should build up to 8: Integrate rather than Segregate. So much to offer each other, so much to share.




  1. I think you might be ok for a couple more dry days... keep your fingers crossed for me too as I'm off to do some teaching outdoors over the weekend!