Thursday, 19 June 2014

Week Two - Update

After a week hacking at thistles on the field, I needed to be at home for a few days to attack the garden here, and get some things in pots and cells in the hope of some late planting out and an indian summer.

When you take on a plot of land from someone else and it's in  a dire state, the  battle to win it back is a crusade, a valiant, self expressive thing - you visualise yourself somewhat Joan of Arc like, on a white charger, bravely battling the foe.

When you let it get that way yourself, through lack of time, money, health, patience and commitment - lets just say it's a humbling task to reclaim it. No shiny armour required. Sweat and repentance, hand in hand in the baking sun, scything thistles.



and nettles. So many nettles.

There is no big equipment any more. The tractor went long since. So it is me, and a scythe.

It's a long walk back - cap in hand really.  We turned away and let it go, the garden fence needs rebuilding, the soil in the garden needs rebuilding, the fences need mending ...

But the vision is back.


  1. Woohoo for vision... every step now is in the right direction!