Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Making hay while .....

The heat has been punishing, and unaccustomed.  Adapting to life as a single handed homesteader is my job at the moment, and one I didn't need to be distracted from by yet another blow to our housing hopes.  It came, however, and it went. Rage, tears, and a gentle talking to by Jan, and I pulled myself together, and kept going.

Today's work day involved making yoghurt, cheese and hay.

I've added a project to my diploma portfolio - hand making hay - and after a fantastic trip to the scythe festival and many years of scything weeds and managing paths and odd bits of grassland with a scythe, I've experimented this  year with scything the side garden/orchard/ wannabe forest garden at the house, to test what we need to know, and what we can and can't do, should we decide to go over to hand hay making totally next year.

It's where my heart lies - small scale sustainable agriculture with diminishing/vanishing use of fossil fuels.  I think we can do it, but we will make less hay, and keep less livestock, but use no grazing in all probability other than our own. That's pre-empting my conclusions, but I'd say that's the way it's going.

Meanwhile, rain is forecast for tomorrow, so we had a crack at creating a haycock as seen at the scythe fair.


we actually didn't have near enough hay cut, which is a lesson learned. I'm picking up a lot of tips from Scythe Cymru as well. Next year could definitely be the year of hand made hay.

Meanwhile, I think we've exhausted our attempts at resolving housing issues via conventional means, and are going to have to look at more radical solutions.

It is seriously now nearly 1 am and I have been beetling away since 6. I probably should sleep.


  1. I hope you are enjoying your hand hay making adventures. We started off making small batches while we built up the skills that enable us to make the volume we do now. We are still learning and refining, good to know there are others on the road.