Wednesday, 11 June 2014

A Line in the Sand

Actually, it will have to be a line in the thin layer of clay over chalk.

As Neil is now fully booked up for most of the year back in his family gig, painting and decorating, with the able help of H the apprentice when she is not studying - I am back to writing 'farmer' in the space that says 'occupation'.

I let go of the safety rope of contracted phone work from home at the weekend, and then promptly fell on my backside hauling sheep fleeces around, injured my back, and spent two days doing not much.

So today feels like a sparkling, amazing brand new bright tomorrow (© Morecambe and Wise, God bless em) - if a today can feel like a tomorrow, then this today is the one.

In the years of struggle since we first worked down on that field, a lot of amazing stuff has happened. Lately, a lot of not so amazing stuff has happened. There are a lot of thistles and nettles.  Some of this is just grand, as a wildlife habitat, they are wonderful - but their dominance is not what we were after.

So my first day in the new office consisted of - scything. I love scything, it is meditative and compulsive. Even with a back injury. Wince.


Over the rest of the year, I hope to reclaim the shabby bits, nurture the wildlife bits, rebuild the market garden, start to sell veg again, and open up some opportunities for learning.

The sheep are sheared and many of them must now move on, so if you would like your own small starter flock of jacob sheep, please contact me - we have up to twenty ewes for sale, either with lambs or after weaning.

Also, if you are a spinner, give me a shout if you would like to buy a fleece - the ones that caused me injury are still available!




  1. Great news... looking forward to seeing the progress in person soon!