Thursday, 6 February 2014

Morning Tea

004an essential part of our early rush hour.

Before school runs, dogs have to be exercised, ponies hayed,  breakfasts had, packed lunches packed and days planned.

Frantically grasping at what daylight there is, it's easy to forget how blessed we are.

The small wonder of hot tea, complete with our own, raw, wonderful goats' milk.

With barely time to sit and sip - it's time amid the lashing gales and the ceaseless storms to start a New Year.

Candlemas passed clear and bright, which is not good news if you're superstitious or a traditionalist when it comes to your weather forecasts.

Poor, wonderful Somerset is under water and amazing, awesome farmers are fighting for their livelihoods.

I'm mulling things over. Something different on the horizon, I think.

But first, a cup of tea.



  1. Wish I was there to share a cup with you

  2. A cup of tea is a ritual which makes everything better, if only temporarily.