Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year Aims and Hopes

nydWe have a big planning session on New Year's Day. That was three of us ready, we were waiting for Neil. Anyway, we ploughed away, all day and in the end, we decided that with our very limited resources, and some financial issues to face, we have a small list of aims and hopes for the year.

We want as a family to enliven our family worship time.  Pull together more. Make music. Aim high and support each other.

Despite or perhaps because of our straitened circumstances, the girls do have their animals. We have been challenged on this, a lot of people do seem to equate keeping a pony with being the Idle Rich.  In fact, to set the matter straight, we were given the ponies, the land we keep them on is a perk of our tenancy, and we couldn't afford for them to have an iPad or a wii instead.  Livestock and outdoor hobbies are part of the fabric of their lives. They have a cost, but we are blessed to be able to keep that right down. We certainly could not afford dancing lessons, trips to the cinema, or - for the last several years, a holiday.

So both of their aims for the year centre on the animals they work and play with, and consist of both leisure and potential business activities:

Harrie hopes to do some dressage, some showing, and get into making and selling some small leather items, as she's very interested in progressing onto saddlery.

Sasha wants to trial her dog, and show some sheep. Depending on Nan's success rate, she'd also like to breed from her, and retain a puppy to train. That might not be this year, though.

Older Generation Aspirations are also Ground Level!

Neil wants to get on top of maintenance, and sort out the many underused resources around here - house and land. First and foremost though, he has to sort out his precarious employment status. We are part time farmers for a reason. We can't survive on ten acres.

I want to get the garden into full production, finish my Permaculture Diploma, and do a lot more preserving - canning, freezing, fermenting - as well as declutter, sew and finally learn to spin. Oh I also *need* to lose some weight and get a tad fitter.

There are however, some big financial goals to pin on the board. Clear some debts,  create some resources -  save small amounts, make small amounts -  build some resilience into our family system. Everyone has the challenge - don't bury that talent. Make it grow. Remember the Parable of the Talents? Well the heavenly meaning of that particular earthly story has more to do with working for God's Kingdom, and that is on our To Do List as well! Like a lot of parables though the earthly story has a lot to offer too.

We all have gifts, and we need to all bring them to the table, and make them work for us.


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