Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Frugal Tuesday

Aiming to keep a monthly tally of what we're doing to cut back and save every penny.

Times are very tight indeed for us, so it's important to save where we can, and earn a little extra.

Our house was built in 1975 by the Crown Estate, from whom we rent it. It's double glazed, and we've had loft insulation fitted. The cavity walls are insulated.

The double glazed windows don't actually fit the holes they're meant for in all cases. We have no central heating - we have the Rayburn, which runs one radiator, in the bathroom. We also have a wood-burner in the sitting room.

The only other method of heating is electric room heaters, and if you've ever paid the electricity bill after heating a room with one of those, you'll know we aim to turn them on approximately never.

So far this winter the weather has been wet and windy but the freeze will surely come.

As you can see, we have blankets, quilts and comfy cushions all over the place in the sitting room. If you sit down, you wrap up.

IMG-20131231-00840We've  decided to keep out any potential heat stealing draughts by making sure the front door is also wrapped up warm. For some reason, I had a curtain - a large curtain with a thermal lining! - all on its own in the airing cupboard. I think its twin may have been used for a similar purpose in some previous house.

Anyway, not wanting to spend any money on this project, we thought around how to put it up for winter without major works.


Well, I know it's not a work of art, but it's keeping the cold out!

We'll get to the arty stage later! We discovered we had some large cup-hooks, which Neil opened up a bit to allow them to hold a broom handle.  We have a lot of broom handles. We once built a geodesic dome from broom handles, we shall do it again, one day. Meanwhile, one of them has a part time job.

IMG-20140105-00861The rings were also stashed away in the garage, so the cost of this little insulation measure was zero.  Some paint and some needlework wouldn't go amiss, but we can already feel the difference in temperature in the hall and on the stairs.

What are your latest money saving tips? Do you have any energy leaks which could be plugged with a little thought, for a low cost?


  1. Love your ideas ! Our conservatory significantly lowers the temperature of the house in winter (and uncomfortably increases it in summer!) so I keep meaning to locate some old huge curtains and put them across the "window" gap in the kitchen and also the "door" gap. I just cannot find where I've the put the curtains though ! Ali x

  2. I love curtains... our front door has a really heavy one that makes a huge difference to the temperature in the house, especially when the wind blows from that direction. Other favourite warmers at the moment are fingerless mittens - great when working on the computer - a big shawl and warm lazy dogs on my feet. Oh, and a dog walk always gets the circulation going and makes the house feel much warmer when I get home!

  3. Living in a half built house means we're living in a giant energy leak! Our house is three storey, but we only live on the ground floor currently whilst the others are a work in progress. The two above have windows knocked together of scrap wood, old glass, even bubble wrap and the wind howls through. The trick is to prevent that wind from making it downstairs to where we're trying to keep warm, so we've caravan mattresses over the hole in the ceiling which will one day be a stairwell, and old carrier bags shoved in all the gaps. My personal tip for winter? Leggings. Always.