Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Round Up

not the glyphosate product. The anthology type thing.

Another very busy day rounded off with a valiant attempt to get back into attending the local Sustainability Network's meetings, so not a lot to share and thought I'd go for a round up of sorts.

My lovely Snail friend talks about Small Steps This is so close to my heart and just what I'm trying to put across at the moment.  A thousand small steps are more sustainable than one whacking great unwieldy policy with a catastrophe potential off the scale.

Andrea, my Permaculture Design Cert buddy - boy that seems a long time ago - has new goats and considering her usual prejudices concerning all things caprine, she's got good things to say. 

What's going on at High Heathercombe - how long is it since my Diploma Intensive there? And how far have I got with that Diploma?!  Really must buckle down and get some designs sorted. The Snail of Happiness has volunteered her help on this so as soon as mid winter passes I feel I must get her on board!

Missing all kinds of Permie Gatherings, and wishing I could go ...

That's enough for one night. Tomorrow is a worky, schooly, toily kind of day and the rain is now lashing down in (presumably, judging by the temps in this house) freezing sheets, so it is past bedtime.

Not a stitch sewn for the Folksy store today, nor a diploma project updated or annotated. Did clear out one of the root beds in the house veg garden, and haul a lot of wood.  Another day in paradise. x


  1. Thanks for the mentions... just waiting for that invitation to come and do some diploma work with you!