Friday, 13 September 2013

What He Said!

Googled for inspiration and came up with this blog I have never seen before, and this absolutely word perfect (weeeeel, OK  - apart from the Katy Perry part!) post which was just exactly what was on my heart.

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Stop Hesitating: Take A Step Forward (Even If You Think You Are Not Prepared)

by Ollin

We often hesitate in life because we believe that all the stars have to align perfectly in order to move forward with our plans.

And so we wait around… for what, life doesn’t know. Because life is often waiting for us.

We don’t start to write the story we want to write because we don’t think we’re good enough to write it yet. Or we feel we are “ill-prepared” to start. Or the “timing is off.”

We don’t accept a wonderful new opportunity because it does not look exactly like the opportunity we asked for, and so the door of opportunity remains shut. (Meanwhile the window of whimsy is wide open; but if we wait too long, the window of whimsy will slam shut, too, and any opportunity we could have had will have come and gone.)

We pray for assistance, assistance we hope will come to us cloaked in bright, miraculous starlight; but when assistance finally comes to us in its dull, unassuming colors, we are sure that our prayers have not been answered yet. (We think assistance is still on its way, but really, assistance has already come and gone…)

Instead of embracing our destiny we keep pushing our destiny further and further out, someplace in the future, so we can’t confront it in the present, delaying an experience that is rightfully ours just because we want the comfort of believing we are in complete controlof our lives.

What a silly thing to do.

Stop Hesitating: Take A Step Forward (Even If You Think You Are Not Prepared)

No, you are probably not prepared.

Neither was I.

But I began anyway. I took the risk, and now look at where I am at now. (And I’m only half-way through my journey: things are only just starting to get good.)

No, you are probably not prepared.

But no one is.

No one is ever prepared.

What can really prepare us for life? What can really prepare us to pursue our dream other than starting to live out of the dream itself?

What does it matter if our initial step is a stumble? What’s more important is that this initial step gets us moving.

We go forward as amateurs, yes, but it is the process that makes us experts, not inertia. We will never get better by simply sitting and hesitating.

Waiting for the right “break,” the right “chance,” the right “time,” the right “person” to show up and give you what you so desperately want is only delaying your journey.

So stop your hesitating.

Today is the break you’ve been waiting for. Today is the chance. Right now is the time.You are the right person.

Your dream is waiting for you to live it and your prolonged and unreasonable hesitation—far from making things safer or better for you–is, at this point, only getting in the way.

So stop hesa… hesa…. hessssssaaaatatiiiiiiiing and get going!


Set the wheels in motion. Turn on the ignition. Get that engine running.

You figured out your “Why”–congratulations! Yi-pee! Ring the frakkin’ church bells! Turn on Katy Perry’s new, catchy hit single Roar and do fist pumps in the air.

Go have a ball… but don’t celebrate for too long.

Because, believe it or not, figuring out the “Why” of your life was the easy part. Now it’s time to get working on the “How.”

No, don’t sit around waiting for the “How” to show up, because it won’t.

You have to create it.

No, don’t sit around for waiting for someone to prepare you for what’s to come next: you are in charge of your own preparation, and the only way to prepare yourself is to just move forward and learn by doing.

Take a step forward today, even if you think you are not prepared.

If your face should hit the asphalt more than once–you’re doing it right.

much “and-your-gon-na-hear-me-roooooar,”




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