Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Return to Rhythm

P1000803The wood has been seasoning in full sun for a whole summer - we have some older wood seasoning under a hedge which is not as good as this, so the chopping and stacking has begun.

After a season of uncertainty, we take up again the routine rhythms of the year on the land.  And we are behind with firewood.

P1000796It generally arrives in large heaps, from a tree surgeon friend, when he either doesn't have the time to process it into logs, or it's not good enough to be sold as such, so it comes free, and that's cheap enough for us.

I am often fascinated by its pictures and designs, and love the smell of it outside the front of the house in summer - though not always the look, I will admit.  It seldom has the power to shock. However rounding the corner in half light the other day, this bit did make me jump.

creatureThought we had a croc in the garden there for a minute.

wheelsNow. Can anyone tell me how to set about making an exercise cart for a very small pony?


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